Does social media bring you joy?

I deleted my Instagram accounts today. The process is needlessly obscure - the flow on the app and the web interface only exposes an option to temporarily disable your account - which is an alarming anti-pattern; it is indeed one of the walled gardens I alluded to in an earlier post.

HOWTO: Run a Fedora 32-bit ARM VM emulated on x86-64

Background I am writing this as a memory aid to myself the next time I have to do this, but this might make a nice addition to the Fedora ARM wiki once cleaned up.

Book Review: The Jakarta Method, by Vincent Bevins

5⭐ for content, 4⭐ for writing style I grew up in Indonesia, to Chinese Indonesian parents. As such I considered myself fairly knowledgeable about the events that shook my country in 1965 – the alleged Communist coup, the “counter-coup” that brought Gen.

Breaking out of walled gardens

I have been progressively getting more and more dissatisfied with the grip Big Tech firms have over our collective lives, and have been gradually pruning my use of proprietary technologies over the past months.