After about two years of on-and-off work, I’m happy to report that Nushell has finally landed in Fedora and EPEL 9, and can be installed simply using sudo dnf --refresh install nu on Fedora and your favorite Enterprise Linux distribution (I’m partial to CentOS Stream myself, but also RHEL, AlmaLinux, etc.)

(For those not familiar with Nushell yet, think of it as a cross-platform Powershell written in Rust - it lets you manipulate pipelines of structured data, the way you might be using jc and jq with a regular shell)

Currently version 0.88.1 is packaged - nu-command stalled for a bit since it required packaging some uutils coreutils crates, and I also initially overestimated how hard it would be to replace its unmaintained htmlescape dependency with v_htmlescape - but now that everything has landed I’ll bump everything to whatever is the latest version (currently it’s 0.90.1) the next time I have several hours to spare.

As a byproduct, we’re also now very close to having uutils coreutils in Fedora! All the dependencies are in, the rust-coreutils review has some feedback that needs addressing.

So … give it a spin, and hope you like it! There are extra dependencies that I have not packaged yet, give me a shout as a reply on Mastodon or on Matrix and let me know if there is any in particular that you want packaged.

Huge thanks to the Nushell developers for all the friendly responses, Fabio Valentini for all the insightful reviews, and Neal Gompa for the RPM macro workaround helping get this into EPEL 9.

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