Property-based Testing in Python with Hypothesis @ GeekCamp.ID

Several months ago I discovered David R. MacIver’s impressive property-based testing library for Python, Hypothesis. Having been a big fan of Haskell’s QuickCheck – but not having much opportunity to use Haskell in daily life – this is hugely exciting. A mature property-testing tool, targeting a popular dynamic language … soon afterwards I packaged this library for Fedora – fellow Fedora users can install it with a simple dnf install python-hypothesis or, to specify the Python interpreter explicitly,

Assign Phabricator reviewers based on module ownership

At Traveloka, Indonesia’s leading travel booking site, we use Phabricator for code reviews - and as a growing company it might not be straightforward to figure out who is knowledgeable about a particular part of the code base and thus would be a good reviewer. Inspired by Quora’s Moving Fast With High Code Quality post, we are thus implementing a review routing system - the code is live on GitHub at phabricator-utils.