Several months ago I discovered David R. MacIver’s impressive property-based testing library for Python, Hypothesis. Having been a big fan of Haskell’s QuickCheck – but not having much opportunity to use Haskell in daily life – this is hugely exciting. A mature property-testing tool, targeting a popular dynamic language … soon afterwards I packaged this library for Fedora – fellow Fedora users can install it with a simple

dnf install python-hypothesis

or, to specify the Python interpreter explicitly,

dnf install python2-hypothesis
dnf install python3-hypothesis

The next step is obviously to evangelize this tool’s adoption. After trialing (“alpha testing”) the subject at a work study session, and beta testing it at a recent Python meetup (thanks guys!), the final version of the presentation debuted at GeekCamp.ID on October 24th.

Currently the slides and examples used in the talk are available; will post the link to the video recording here when it becomes available.

Do check them out if you are interested, and feel free to hit me with any question on Google+ or Twitter!