With the recent Google announcement that Chrome 68 will mark all HTTP sites as insecure, it’s time to say farewell to GitHub Pages, which I switched to more than two years ago, and move to GitLab Pages.

Main reason being, despite multiple requests, GitHub still does not support HTTPS on custom domains, without using another service like Cloudflare (which is a bit overkill for a static site!).

There are several additional advantages to the move:

  • Making use of GitLab’s CI/CD system, so I can update my blog without having Cryogen installed locally
  • Certificate renewal can be scripted
  • if there’s some private data used to generate your blog, GitLab provides private repositories for free

Since there does not seem to be a tutorial for setting up a Cryogen static site on GitLab Pages, here’s the .gitlab-ci.yml file I’m using. Will contribute such a tutorial to Cryogen when I have time (it already took me two weeks to write this announcement; work’s getting in the way!)

image: clojure:lein-2.8.1

  - lein run
    - public
  - master